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Ruling Against Boyce Hydro, Allows Monetary Judgement

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Multiple news outlets, including ABC 12 News report Boyce Hydro could face financial judgement after a federal judge ruled in the state's favor. "The Michigan Attorney General's Office plans to file a motion in court that would seek monetary damages from Boyce Hydro and its operators for their role in the May 2020 dam failures," according to ABC 12. It is not known how much the court could recover in damages from the bankrupt company.

Midland Daily News coverage of the summary judgement can be found here. According to MDN, a summary judgement is a final decision made by a judge to resolve a lawsuit without going to court. The state can now seek a monetary judgement against Lee Mueller. Attorney General Dana Nessel said Boyce Hydro knew of the potential Edenville Dam failure and neglected to repair it as well as neglected to inform the state (as is legally required) of the potential for failure.

The Michigan Waterfront Alliance also carried the story in it's October newsletter. Link to the newsletter here.


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